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products for Pets, Garden & outdoors, Camping, Swimming, boating & more

products for Pets, Garden & outdoors, Camping, Swimming, boating & more

products for Pets, Garden & outdoors, Camping, Swimming, boating & moreproducts for Pets, Garden & outdoors, Camping, Swimming, boating & more

LifeWise Pet Food - Holistic Pet Nutrition

The LifeWise Story

Lifewise pet food

 LifeWise is the only Australian specialty nutrition company manufacturing companion animal diets. The ever-increasing army of enthusiastic pet owners who use the food and laud it for the benefits bestowed, are testament to the quality and value for money the food delivers. But then again, it could be just that you are receiving a food that is made to a standard that you expect it to be. 

100% Australian

Lifewise adult cat food

 LifeWise Pet Food is 100% Australian; Australian original science, Australian pure and clean raw ingredients processed in Australia by Australians for dogs around the world. 

 LifeWise is a proudly independent family company delivering healthier outcomes to companion animals the world over. 

Holistic Nutrition

Lifewise kangaroo dog food

 A truly balanced blend of essential nutrients from quality ingredients exquisitely proportioned to the energy content of the food allows the body to balance naturally, often producing amazing results for all, including sufferers of allergies, intolerances, sensitivities or ill-thrift. 

 Sympathetic ingredients

For a food to be truly healthy and nutritious, it must be made from ingredients that are sympathetic to the animal.

The selection of high quality, sympathetic ingredients is essential in maintaining and enhancing your pet’s microbiota. Achieving a balanced microbiome has been shown to produce incredible improvements to the health and wellbeing of the animal.

Hippocrates belief that “all disease begins in the gut” still remains true today, over 2000 years later!

Ethical Recipes



The combination of high quality, sympathetic ingredients in the correct proportions to create a specific nutrient profile is both an ethical and an effective method of feeding your pet.

All too often we see pet foods containing ingredients that may contain the correct nutrients, but these nutrients are often present in the food in an indigestible form.

This leads to a distortion of the microbiome which in turn creates imbalances in blood nutrient levels, an increase in stool production, and a general lowering of health and wellbeing.

Scientifically Designed



True holistic nutrition is strongly supported by scientific research. Total wellbeing of both body and mind is dependent on the balanced supply of essential nutrients in specific ratio to one another.

When the nutrient ratios are combined proportionally to the energy content of the food even greater benefits result. This is the science of Nutrient Ramping.

LifeWise pet food and LifeWise dog food are available here at WSE Trading and delivered to your door.

Healthier Outcomes



Delivering a truly balanced array of essential nutrients drawn from quality ingredients allow the body to balance itself naturally.

This results in an initial reduction in the amount of food the animal eats to achieve the same body weight and energy levels.

But over the ensuing 3 months, a further, more gradual reduction in appetite generally occurs as blood nutrient levels stabilise at their natural, healthy levels, just as nature intended.