Snooza Dog Beds and Snooza Pet Products

Who are Snooza Pet Products?


Snooza Pet Products are an Australian manufacturer of innovative pet products.  Snooza uses materials which are fully washable and they back their workmanship with a 100% lifetime guarantee against flaws & defects.

Snooza Pet Products are based in Melbourne and the company began in the 1989 with their 'Original Dog Bed' and then closely followed by their iconic and well-known 'Pet Futon' range.  Snooza's very own pets are very instrumental in helping to design and test the products which they produce - Jack's Dog Bed is a fine example of this and the Jack's Dog Beds range was named after one of the Snooza Fur Babies.

Snooza Pet Products, including their Snooza Dog Beds, are designed to last and while no pet product can be considered indestructible, Snooza offers a free repair service in an effort to help extend the life of the Snooza product.  To also help your pet bed last, Snooza make just about every component of the bed available to purchase separately - from the cover to the filling.  The bedding range incorporates separate zippered inners & removable covers to ensure easy washing, even with the largest size beds.

You can purchase Snooza Pet Products and all Snooza replacement parts from us at WSE Trading.  WSE Trading for pet supplies and pet beds Australia delivered to your door.

Snooza Lifetime Guarantee


Snooza Pet Products (including all Snooza dog beds) are shipped with a 'Snooza Lifetime Guarantee Registration Card'.  You can either register your product on the Snooza Pet Products website or by posting the card (reply paid).

The Snooza Lifetime Guarantee covers against flaws & defects.  If you're not happy with your Snooza product, then Snooza needs to know.  The guarantee does not extend to general wear & tear or damage caused by pets.  In situations where damage has been caused by pets being pets or through general wear & tear, Snooza offers a Free Repair Service.

 You can purchase Snooza Pet Products and all Snooza replacement parts from us at WSE Trading 

Snooza Repair Service


Free Repair Service - If you have a Snooza Pet Product which is in need of some repair, either contact us at WSE Trading or Snooza Pet Products directly.  After running through the logistics and process, the product can be either posted or dropped in to Snooza (based in Melbourne) for repair.  The product needs to be repairable and must also be clean.  Apart from the postage cost, the repair service is free but in certain situations new parts (zips, foams, patches etc) are required & these are charged at a very minimal cost by Snooza. 

 You can purchase Snooza Pet Products, Snooza Dog Beds and all Snooza replacement parts from us at WSE Trading 

What is Snoozafill?


Snoozafill is Snooza Pet Products unique blend of foam & fibre which they specifically developed for pets.  It has been designed to provide the perfect combination of stability and comfort - firm enough to cushion yet soft enough for your pet to 'nest'.  It is brilliant at retaining its loft and it is even machine washable.

With zippered access to all Snooza Snoozafill filled products & 1/2kg refill packs available, you have the ability to put as much or as little in your pet's bed as you like, freshen it up when needed and washing is easy.

Snoozafill can be washed while contained in the bed itself, or if you have a larger bed that doesn't fit in your washing machine, the Snooza anti-static  Laundry Bag is ideal.  Simply decant up to 1kg of fill at a time into the laundry bag and then wash in your machine and even dry in your dryer.

 You can purchase Snooza Pet Products and all Snooza replacement parts from us at WSE Trading 

Need a change of 'scenery'?


Snooza offer replacement parts for most sections of their Snooza dog beds and Snooza cat beds.

This is handy should the bed ever become damaged through normal wear & tear or through pet damage, but it is also handy for another reason...

With replacement covers available to purchase separately, it doesn't mean that once you have purchased your Snooza pet bed that you have to stick with that fabric colour or style.  You could purchased a standard fabric bed and then purchase say a woolly cover - use the standard cover for summer and the woolly cover for winter.

You can also keep a spare cover on hand for when the original cover needs to be washed and dried - your pet can then still use their favourite bed while the cover is drying.

Changing your furniture or decor?  Change the pet bed cover at the same time with a Snooza replacement cover.

 You can purchase Snooza Pet Products and all Snooza replacement parts from us at WSE Trading 

Are any Snooza Beds flea/dust mite proof?


Snooza do not treat their products with chemical repellents, so washing is the best way to prevent fleas & dust mites from breeding in your pet's bedding.

Fleas & mites like dark, warm and cosy places to live & lay their eggs, so for this reason the Snooza Flea-Free Dog Beds are a great option as there's just no place for the fleas and mites to hide.

The Snooza Pet Futons are completely encased in calico which is a tight weave fabric which fleas are unable to get through to the inner filling - making the Pet Futon another suitable option.

Of course, with so many flea treatments easily available these days, regularly treating your pet against fleas will also help protect your pet's bed.

 You can purchase Snooza Pet Products and all Snooza replacement parts from us at WSE Trading