Weisshorn Camping Products

Weisshorn Camping Products Australia

Weisshorn Camping Products offer a wide range of affordable and quality products suitable for any camping experience.  The product range includes tents, sleeping bags, awnings, showers, toilets, mattresses and much more

Sleeping Bags

Weisshorn Sleeping Bags - huge range of styles and sizes.  Ideal for camping, hiking or for that guest at home

Swag Tent

Weisshorn Swag Tents -  huge range of sizes, styles and colours available.  Make camping simple and fun

Camping Tent

Weisshorn Family & Pop Up Tents - for when more room is needed, there is a Weisshorn Family Tent at hand.  Make camping, glamping with a Weisshorn tent

Car Awning Annexe

Weisshorn Car Shade Awnings - ideal for when additional shaded shelter is needed.  Attaches to any car roof rack, ideal for camping

Camping Shower
Camping Toilet

Weisshorn Camping Showers & Toilets - for when a little bit of civilization is wanted in the great outdoors